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How to Style Yourself and Build a Wardrobe You Love

Building a stunning wardrobe is a dream for many women.

Plus, shopping can be fun! Especially if you know what your signature style is.

We all want to have that perfect outfit for every occasion. Classic items require investment, but if you know what to buy it’s worth it!

I’ll give you insights on using fashion as a form of self-care and upgrading your look by using brands like New York & Company, bebe, and also talk a little bit about the role of accessories and skincare as part of completing your look.

Fashion Trends That Your Budget Will Love

There are many ways to be trendy and stay within your budget. The key is knowing where to shop, when, and what go-to items you need for your style wardrobe.

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“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it”

Edith Head

Using Style as An Opportunity


Style is an unspoken introduction to who you are as a person. Your personal style explains to the world how you think of yourself. It’s an opportunity to make a statement. Not just in how you look, but also make a statement about who you are in the world and what values you bring to the table.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Former First Lady Michelle Obama said, “Style helps distinguish you … It’s a great potential opportunity that people tend to leave by the wayside.”

To many who see us, our personal style is what defines us. We can use this to create a personal fashion statement that brings out the best of who we are in a way that people will recognize our presence from the moment they see us.

Creating a Statement With Color


There have been a few colors that were popular coming into 2021. Flame scarlet, Biscay green, Coral pink, Saffron, Chive, and white colors are classic colors and their popularity is carrying over into this new year. I recommend going with colors that compliment your skin tone. From there, build a wardrobe with items that are the perfect color for your personal tastes, body type, and personality.

Here are a few essential styling tips for your wardrobe so that you can be happy with what’s in your closet and never say, ‘I have nothing to wear!”


Show Your Best Feature–You! Confidence in your personal style starts with knowing how you prefer to look and feel. If you’re not sure what your personal style is, think about the times when you felt your best. What were you wearing? How did it make you feel?

Find your Signature Style: Picture yourself in what you look best in and feel comfortable or you can ask your friends or family about what suits you best. For business-casual looks, my go-to items often come from ExpressBebe and New York & Company because these styles suit my body type and make me feel more confident and classy.

Your signature style also includes hair and makeup.

For makeup, always have a classic red or nude lipstick on hand that compliments your skin tone. Sei Bella has some elegant lipstick options for all skin colors and undertones.

For hairstyle inspiration, a fabulous New York Fashion Week hairstylist and friend, Elizabeth Strong, has attractive hairstyles for ladies on her Instagram that you can get ideas from.

Accessories: Accessorizing is all about making a statement that’s personal to you with jewelry and a purse (depending on the type of outfit you are in). My personal favorite to accessorize with is Pandora since you can add charms to it that have a personal meaning.

Balance the Style: Learn what prints and solid colors work best together. My personal favorite print is the snake print pumps from Bebe. I like to pair those pumps with a solid dress in hunter green, royal blue, or fuchsia.

Must-Have Shoes for Spring on the East Coast:

  • Ballet flats can be very comfortable yet classy
  • Suede high-knee boots are perfect in mild weather and are a chic way to complete a look.
  • Neutral-toned pumps suit every personal style and are versatile enough to be worn on different occasions.


There you have it, ladies! 


Beauty & style tips to help you create an easy, personalized wardrobe that is perfect for your personal style.

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